Friday, May 30, 2014

ETL Testing Interview Questions & Answers - Part 4

Advanced ETL Testing Interview Questions & Answers 

Q1. How can you create BPT test scripts?

A1. Please follow the below steps to create BPT:
First you have to go Business Components section of ALM,
  1. create a new component there
  2. create component steps with parameters
  3. put parameter variables in bracket like <<< input1 >>>
  4. check it’s reflecting in parameters
  5. add details for business component
  6. Make status ready once all the steps are written.
Now go to the Test Plan in ALM,
  1. Create a new test script; type will be Business Process for the same.
  2. Put all the required details for script
  3. In test script tab, you have to pull component now which you have created (you can pull more than one component as required and integrate them in particular test script)
  4. After that you can see the parameters which you defined earlier for components here (suppose you have defined 4 parameters for the component then you can see 4 i/o parameters , iteration will be default 1 )
  5. If you want to check the same parameters for different iterations then you can increase the iteration here
  6. Now, BPT is ready (you can see green box)

Q2. How can you run BPT test scripts?

A2. Please follow the below steps to run BPT test scripts:

First go to Test Plan in ALM,

  1. Go to test script tab for BPT test scripts, click on iterations
  2. Default 1 iterations is mentioned there, after clicking this, you get the parameters list
  3. Define the variable value which you want to pass for all the parameters
  4. If you want to add one more iteration then, click on add iteration above
  5. Now you can define parameter values for added iterations as well.
  6. After defining all the values, we can pull this script in test lab
Now go to Test Lab in ALM,
  1. Go to the particular BPT which you want to run, click on run with manual runner
  2. Now all the defined parameter values will be substituted
  3. You need to follow the steps now
  4. check all the iterations are checked for mentioned steps and pass it
  5. BPT will be passed.

Q3. How can we link the existing defects with particular test case?

A3. Go to particular test case in Test Lab in ALM, double click on it, windows will appear. Click on Linked Defects tab, then click on Link Existing Defects then we can put defect id and click on Link. That defect will be linked with that particular test case.

Q4. Let’s suppose for making table loading faster, index will be disabled as pre-load activity, and then duplicates got loaded. Again after loading, in pos load activity index will be enabled that time it will fetch error. How to resolve this issue?

A4. You can follow the below steps to mitigate this issue –
  1. First we have to disable primary constraint
  2. drop the index after that
  3. Remove the duplicates using rowid
  4. Now create the index on the table
  5. At last we can enable the primary constraint

Q5.How can we pass the variable value through command box in teradata?

A5. We can use the below query for this –
WHERE <date_field> = CAST('?yyyymmdd' AS DATE FORMAT 'yyyymmdd')

Q6.How can we search particular job in control M? can follow the below steps to find out the job in control m –
  1. Login to control m
  2. Click customizable filter in view point tab of control m
  3. Filter based on folder name and server name ( we can give wild characters here *)
  4. After filtering we can see all the instances for jobs coming under that folder
  5. In particular folder, all the jobs coming under that will be shown

Q7. How can we check the roles assigned to particular tables/view in teradata?

A7. We can use dbc.allrolerights table to find out the roles assigned to table/view
Select * from dbc.allrolerights where tablename= <table_name>
We can see the fields for role names, access rights, and grantor names here.

Q8. In control m, how can we run the job instantly which is in waiting due to dependencies or schedule?

A8. Do right click on that particular job, free that job and click run now.

Q9. In control m, how can we order a new job which is not scheduled?

A9.Click order button on home tab, select control m server, folder, particular job (if all jobs selected then all the jobs for particular folder will be submitted to run). Also check boxes ignore scheduling criteria and order as independent flow.

Q10. How can we modify command for particular job in control m?

A10. Do right click on particular job, go to properties, click on modify job, now we can change the commands and other things like schedule for that job.

Q11. In Tivoli, some job is stuck due to dependencies and resource constraints then how can we run that job?

A11. Right click on job stream, increase the priority to 101, release all dependencies, and remove time restrictions, then job should run. If still it’s stuck then do the same thing at job level; it will definitely run.

Q12. In Tivoli, how can we submit the jobstream which are not scheduled?

A12. Go to default database jobstream , search that particular jobstream , you can submit that jobstream from there. It will be reflected in scheduled job stream.

Note : If jobstream is in draft mode, then we can't submit that job. Jobstream should be active then only we can submit to plan.